Client: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 

Period: 06/2020 – 04/2023 

Location: Vietnam 

Donor: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) 

Project lead firm (& partners): Sofies/dss+ (Switzerland), (& VNCPC, Ökozentrum/ Generation Carbon GmbH (Switzerland), Husk (Spain))

Main project features: This project is under the framework of the Global Eco-Industrial Programme (GEIPP) with funding from SECO through UNIDO. The project aims to promote the commercialization of pyrolysis technology in Vietnam with 03 key objectives: (1) “Green technology” recognition and awareness raising on pyrolysis technology; (2) Feasibility study and business case development; and (3) Promotion of the biochar market in Vietnam. 

Main activities of the project: 

“Green technology” and awareness raising: Organize and run awareness raising events and technology transfer events; Present and discuss with relevant national authorities the business cases and the benefits of the small-scale pyrolysis technology as a “Green technology”; 

Feasibility study and business cases: Support early adopters of the technology by finding opportunities to strengthen their business cases, and identity and assist new potential adopter in the development of business cases; Prepare awareness raising materials, highlighting the economic, environmental and social benefits of adopting the technology; 

Biochar market promotion: Characterize quality and properties of the biochar produced by the PPV300; Review biochar market and present the business opportunity of producing or buying biochar with the PPV300 to at least 10 national and international potential buyers; Explore possibility of using the biochar for different purposes and highlight the possible economic/ business cases in the Vietnamese context; Assessment of specific improvements needed (if any) to support the certification of the biochar according to the EU Biochar Certificate and facilitate product standardization. 

Services provided by firm:  

    • Organized and ran 03 awareness-raising events, 01 technology transfer workshop and 01 field mission to support the potential adopters of pyrolysis technology; 
    • Supported and coordinated with the implementing partners to develop and prepare reports, communication materials, leaflets, videos and so on, and then sharing information; 
    • Identified, selected and provided technical support for adopters of pyrolysis technology and biochar market players; 
    • Prepared feasibility studies and developed business cases; 
    • Developed a roadmap and proposed appropriate strategic orientations to promote the application of pyrolysis technology and strengthen the biochar market in Vietnam. 

For more information, please refer the project flyer.