VNCPC and UNIDO signed a contract to develop a review and recommendation policy report and build an online information repository on biochar in Vietnam

In October 2023, Vietnam Cleaner Production Center Company Limited (VNCPC) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed a contract to develop a policy review and recommendation report and build an online information repository on biochar in Vietnam. The contract has an implementation period of 4 months from the date of signing.

To review and assess national policies and programs related to biochar production and use, including: (i)  Review and evaluate existing biochar solutions; National policies and frameworks related to sustainability, agriculture, industry, and climate goals…;(ii) Develop a list of stakeholder networks, with a focus on policymakers.

Along with that, VNCPC will build an information repository on biochar (i.e. a website) and upload relevant documents including (i) Communication materials about biochar (posters, flyers, e-booklets, videos, reports) in English and Vietnamese languages implemented by UNIDO and partners in recent years along with other projects and initiatives on biochar being implemented in Vietnam.

VNCPC is also responsible for editing content, and contributing to building and maintaining the website. This online platform will provide basic knowledge and practical experience about biochar to interested parties and connect them to networks. Promotional activities about biochar will also be updated on this website.

Within the framework of the contract, the project team will organize consultations with the participation of relevant parties to collect feedback to complete the policy review and recommendation report on biochar; Introduce to stakeholders the online information repository on biochar developed by UNIDO, VNCPC, and partners.